Be the first player to reach the finish and you win! But beware, it’s not as simple as it may sound. In a game of wits, strategy and a little luck, strive to the finish as you encounter clues, riddles, and battles along the way.

Place all cards in their respective places. The Riddle cards go in the box on the side of the board each in a different pile (easy, medium, hard).  Teaser cards in the Teasers space and Brain Freeze cards in the Brain Freeze space. Each player chooses a player piece and puts it on START.

To Start

The youngest player goes first. Once players figure out the order of play, they choose a level of difficulty (easy, medium, or hard) and the riddle is read by the player to their right.

To Advance
The players need to solve the riddle correctly before they move up according to the difficulty level of the card.

                 Easy– advance 2 spaces

                 Medium– Advance 3 spaces

                 Hard– Advance 4 spaces

With each riddle, players are allowed 2 guesses to get the correct answer.

Riddle cards   
In order to move a space, players must answer one of these riddles correctly. If a player cannot answer or answers incorrectly, the riddle can be guessed by someone else who chooses to steal the riddle. This player is only allowed 1 guess.  If no one decides to steal the card or does not have the correct answer, the answer can be read and the card be put aside
Teasers cards
If players happen to land on a Teaser space, they must draw from the Teasers card pile, and follow what the card says and return the card to the pile. This kind of space will improve your standing in the game with added bonuses. (These cards are green, blue, yellow, red)

Brain Freeze
+ 2 spaces)
To pass onto the second question mark, players must answer a Brain Freeze question correctly on their next turn in order to proceed. When the players answer a Brain Freeze correctly, only then can they move up 2 spaces, but if they cannot answer or answer incorrectly, the players remain on Brain Freeze until they can answer a riddle correctly on their turn. Unanswered cards return to the pile.

If 2 players land on the same gray space at the same time, what must the players do? Battle for the space! When two or more land on the same gray space on the board, the players will battle each other by playing brain, hand, and mouth. This is like rock, papers, scissors SHOOT.

Winner: Advances 2 spaces

              You are now ready for the mind-boggling game of...

                                            THE RIDDLER