Alan is a Sophomore in Rutgers who brought many ideas to the table as he tweaked the bits and pieces of the art work. Alan helped create the game board and found the unique game pieces for The Riddler.

"This game is fun to play if you can think hard enough. Although this game is clearly not for the amateurs, or youngsters, this game could be very competitive to people that can think outside the box!"


Darlenys is currently a senior at Rutgers and is the creator of The Riddler game. She put in many long hours of work to complete the rough draft on the original game. She also helped out with the game cards, including Teasers, and Brain Freeze cards.
"Like the game says itself, it's not as easy as you think it might be. If you're into games that exercise your mind, this is a great game for you!"


Nga is currently a sophomore at Rutgers University.  She thoroughly enjoyed designing and creating this game. Along with Alan, Nga was one of the designers for the game board design and game box, which involved a lot of tedious work, but with her endless efforts she completed the final design.  

"The game is a great brain stimulator and really makes a person strain his or her brain!"


Vanessa was also one of the creative minds behind The Riddler game cards and riddles. Every bit of effort that she put in was essential for the improvement of the game.

"I think it is a fun game, you really have to think outside the box to get the answers. Although I am no master at solving riddles, I do get some good laughs out of trying to answer them!!" =]
I hope you guys like our game!!