Day 1         3/11/09

We spent our first day getting to know each other as a new group; our strengths and weaknesses and special talents that can be useful for the creation of this game. 

Day 2       3/25/09

We got a lot of progress done today, which is great! We were able to revamp our rules and find many more riddles of all kinds. We ran into some pretty weird and funny ones, but we chose the best of the best.

We have decided to include a variety of riddles into the game since this would make the game a lot more intersting. We were thinking about adding categories for the different types of riddles, but it might complicate things a little more. We'll continue to play around with the different ideas we have in order to have the perfect mix to make things clearer and better.

Day 3      4/1/09

Today, we are creating the game board design and the game cards!
We decided to have 3 piles of cards one for the riddles, knotty questions which are the obstacle cards, and the brain freeze checkpoint cards.  We also searched for creative images for the cards and for the board.  Developing the starting rules and game play rules were also part of today's agenda.  We will leave today's class with specific tasks to complete for our next meeting.

Day 4      4/8/09

So today we play tested our game and we found out that we need to make up different strategies for when two players land on the same spot.  We are still working on the design of the gameboard and the cards, but hopefully soon everything will turn out the way we want it to.

Day 5      4/15/09

Today other groups play tested our game and we got helpful feedback that can be used to improve our game. We realized that the game is quite long and very tedious at times. So, we decided to make some small changes to the game play in order to speed things up a bit and keep players intersted. Also, we are still working on the riddles and the overall design of the game!!

We changed up the rule for battling spaces to avoid constant battles throughout the game. Be on the lookout for the gray spaces.

We also decided to change the name of knotty cards to teaser cards instead.

Hopefully by next week, we can have everything complete!

Day 6      4/22/09

Play testing was part of today's agenda.  Our final task for this week is to revise our rules and print out the final copy of our game.  Another group play tested our game and gave us great advice on how to improve upon it.  We decided to take out all the negative cards from the Teaser cards and just keep positive ones with the purpose of advancing faster.